How Do You Take Measurements for a Shower Curtain?

measurements-shower-curtain Credit: Vstock/n/a/Getty Images

In order to find the proper measurements for a shower curtain, its width and height need to be measured and accounted for. The length of the curtain should also be shorten depending on the amount of space allotted for on the shower or tub.

Use the following instructions to measure a shower curtain.

  1. Measure the width
  2. Use the shower liner as a point of reference to see how long the curtain should be. Adjust the curtain, if necessary.

  3. Measure the height
  4. Measure the height of the curtain from the mounting rail to the floor.

  5. Adjust the height
  6. Adjust the height of the curtain, allow between 2 to 10 inches of space from the curtain to the floor, depending on its application.