How Do You Measure Windows Sizes for Replacements?

How Do You Measure Windows Sizes for Replacements?

Determine window sizes for replacement windows by measuring the width, length and depth. Use a tape measure for best results.

Measuring windows is quick and easy, but needs to be done accurately to determine the best fit. Since all windows are different, consulting a window professional after taking measurements will ensure window replacements that fit properly.

  1. Measure the width
  2. When measuring the width of a window, measure between the window jambs at the top, middle and bottom. Write down the smallest of these three measurements.

  3. Measure the height
  4. Measure the height of the window starting at the high point of the sill. Take three measurements. One at the left side, one at the right side and one in the middle. Write down the smallest of the measurements.

  5. Measure the depth
  6. Measure the depth by ignoring the parting strips and pulleys on the window.

After taking measurements, homeowners can use these numbers to purchase windows or order custom windows from retailers such as Lowe's. When placing an order for windows, provide only the opening size. The manufacturer will then deduct 1/4-inch from the width and 1/4-inch from the height.

By taking accurate measurements, homeowners can save time, money and frustration and get the windows they need the first time.