How Do You Measure a Space for Toilet Installation?


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To measure a space for a toilet seat, it is important to measure from one wall to another to ensure there is enough elbow room. If the room is angled, the widest part of the seat should be placed in the center of at least 30 inches of space.

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When measuring for the front of the toilet, building codes mandate that the space is at least 24 inches. This may sound like a lot, but is a comfortable space for one person. Since the standard toilet is 15 inches wide, it is important that there is plenty of room around it.

The easiest way to measure the space for a new toilet is to actually measure the old toilet, though this only works if replacing one. To do this, take a measurement from the back of the toilet seat to the center mounting bolt. Note this distance, and then compare it to the measurement of the new toilet. If the measurement is smaller than or equal to the old one, the new toilet is the perfect fit.

For people who have tight spaces that may not fit a standard-sized toilet, there are other options available, too, such as a cottage toilet or high-backed toilet. There are also smaller toilets that have lower seats.

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