How Do You Measure a Room for Carpet?

measure-room-carpet Credit: nicolamargaret/E+/Getty Images

To measure a room for carpet, begin by drawing the room and then measuring the length, measuring the width, measuring possible indents and measuring the door frame. It is also important to remember that measuring a room for the cost of putting in carpet does not include the costs of fitting the carpet and installing it with its underlay.

  1. Draw the room
  2. It can be helpful to draw a picture of the room as a prototype to take to carpeting companies. After drawing the room, add in the measurements so that the companies will be able to offer a realistic quote based on the prototype of the room.

  3. Measure the length
  4. Look at the room's longest points and measure this distance.

  5. Measure the width
  6. Look at the room's widest points and measure this distance.

  7. Measure indents
  8. Not all rooms will be in the standard square formation so it is important to watch for items such as a brick floor patch or a wood stove. Measure around these areas that are indented and do not need to be carpeted.

  9. Measure the door frame
  10. The carpet needs to be able to fit under the door frame to avoid open space so be sure to measure under and around the door frame as well. Once these steps have been completed, then the room is ready to be fitted for carpet and the carpet installation can begin.