How Do You Measure for a New Wall Oven?


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To measure the cabinet opening for a new wall oven, switch off the power supply to the old oven, unscrew the oven from the wall cabinet, and pull the oven from the wall. Measure the width, height and depth of the opening using a metal tape measure.

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  1. Switch off the power supply to the oven

    Go to the main breaker box and turn off the oven’s breaker. This is a necessary safety precaution, even if the oven is not operational.

  2. Unscrew the oven from the wall cabinet

    Open the oven door and locate the mounting screws. These are located along the left and right edges of the oven. Use a screw driver to remove the screws that attach the oven to the wall.

  3. Pull the oven from the wall

    Depending on the weight of the oven, get help pulling the oven from the wall. Pull the oven 2 inches from the wall, or have someone hold it in position to prevent it falling off the cabinet.

  4. Measure the width of the cabinet

    Using a metal tape measure, measure the length of the top edge of the cabinet opening from right to left. Repeat the process with the bottom, and record the smaller of the two measurements on a note pad.

  5. Measure the height of the cabinet opening

    Hold the tape measure along the right side of the oven and measure the height of the opening from top to bottom. Repeat the process on the left side, and record the smaller of the two measurements on your note pad.

  6. Measure the depth of the oven cabinet

    Choose one corner, and extend the tape measure from outside the cabinet to the back wall. Repeat the process on all corners, and record the smallest measurement on your notepad.

  7. Return the oven

    Slide the oven back into place and fasten the mounting screws.

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