How Do You Measure a Lawn for Sod?


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The amount of sod that is needed for a yard is equal to the square area of a yard, which is determined by multiplying the length of the yard by the width of the yard. Yards that are not perfectly square or rectangular can be separated into various shapes where the area of the yard can be found more easily.

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A yard that is not perfectly square should always be separated into different pieces. One of the easiest ways this can be done is to draw a rough diagram of the yard. This will better allow the homeowner to visualize the size of the yard and the shapes that comprise it. The area of a rectangle will be the length multiplied by the width, while the area of a triangle will be the perpendicular sides multiplied by each other and divided by 2. The area of a circle is the radius squared and multiplied by 3.14.

Once the area of the yard is determined, the exact amount of sod needed will be based on the entire area of the yard. Most sod companies have a list of how much sod will be needed depending on the exact square footage of a yard.

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