How Do You Measure for a Lampshade?

How Do You Measure for a Lampshade?

Buying a new lampshade involves not just taking the measurements of the old lampshade but also noticing what type of fitting is used to connect the lampshade to the lamp. The new lampshade does not have to be an exact copy of the shade you're replacing, but it should fit well with the style and shape of the lamp.

  1. Measure the shade's diameter

    Use a measuring tape or ruler to measure the diameter at the top opening of the lampshade. Measure the diameter of the bottom opening of the shade as well.

  2. Measure the shade's verticals

    Take the shade's vertical slant by measuring along the outside of the lampshade from top to bottom. Then measure the shade's vertical height by placing your ruler or measuring tape at the center of the top opening of the shade and measuring straight down to the bottom of shade. Write down the measurements in the order taken: top diameter, bottom diameter, vertical slant and vertical height, as this is the order in which they are likely to be listed on new lampshades.

  3. Pay attention to the shade's fitting

    Replaceable lampshades typically use spider-and-harp or clip-on fittings. Spider-and-harp fittings are the type where the lampshade screws on to a fitting that rises around the light bulb inside the shade. With clip-on fittings, the shade clips directly onto the light bulb. Choose a new lampshade with the correct fitting for your lamp, and purchase any hardware needed to connect the shade to the lamp.