How Do You Measure a Kitchen Sink?

Measure the length, width and depth of the interior of the sink with a tape measure. The sink interior will provide a true representation of the sink's dimensions.

When measuring for a new kitchen sink, both the exterior and interior sink dimensions should be taken into account. This ensures that the sink will fit into the counter top hole and still have a wide enough lip to hold onto the counter top.

  1. Measure the sink interior
  2. Use the tape measure to measure the length and the width of the inside of the sink basin at the widest part. If the sink is divided into multiple bowls, measure across the divides for the total interior length and width. Write these dimensions down.
  3. Measure the depth
  4. Use the tape measure to measure the depth of the sink basin from the top edge to the lowest part of the basin. This measurement will have to be taken from the side of the sink. Write these dimensions down.
  5. Measure the total length and width
  6. Use the tape measure to find the total length and width of the sink from outside edge to outside edge. This helps ensure that the sink lip is wide enough to catch onto the counter top edge around the sink hole. Write down and compare these measurements with the dimensions of the kitchen counter top.