How Do You Measure the Flooring of a Room?


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Measure the flooring of a room by multiplying the length of the room by its width. For rooms that are not simple rectangles, split the floor into separate rectangles, find their areas, and then add the values together. Ensure you have enough flooring by rounding all of your measurements up to the next half-foot.

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How Do You Measure the Flooring of a Room?
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For rooms with attached closets, find the closet's floor space area and then add this to the measurement for the rest of the room. Buying and laying flooring for the room and closet together is generally cheaper than buying and installing flooring for the main room and closet as though they are two separate rooms.

For areas where the walls angle in or out, such as protruding bays, measure the shape as though it is a rectangle by multiplying the length by the largest width measurement. Installing flooring in these areas requires making angled cuts, which creates large amounts of waste, so excessive measurements are preferable to inadequate ones.

In addition to over-measuring, ensure you have an adequate supply of wood by incorporating a waste factor. Waste factors vary based on the type of flooring you are using and your individual preferences. For laminate flooring or high-grade wood, include a waste factor of about 5 percent. However, for low-grade woods, use a waste factor of up to 15 percent, as many boards may be unusable due to defects or imperfections.

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