How Do You Measure a Door?


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To measure the size of a door, simply measure the height of the door and then measure the width of the door. All you need is measuring tape. Standard exterior door measurements are 36 inches x 80 inches. Standard interior door measurements are 32 inches x 80 inches.

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Sometimes something as simple taking the measurement of the doors in your home can prevent lots of headaches and wallet-aches later. When you buy a new refrigerator, don't forget your measuring tape.

When moving furniture or appliances through your front door, it is important to know just how wide and how tall the door opening is. When buying new appliances, always make sure to take measurements of every door between your front door and your kitchen. If you buy a refrigerator that won't fit through your kitchen door, you are either going to need a smaller refrigerator or a larger door.

Older homes may have appliances that were installed before renovations took place, leaving the new homeowner facing the prospect of removing the existing door and replacing it with a wider one. This is a costly process, requiring framing, drywall, trim and painting, in addition to adjusting any electric wiring or plumbing that may be present in the wall.

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