How Do You Measure the Dimensions of a Sliding Patio Door?

To measure the width and height dimensions of a sliding patio door, remove the casing and use a measuring tape. Measuring is a simple project requiring only a few basic tools.

A sliding patio door may need replacing if it is old and or has problems, such as water seeping through in a rainstorm. Before ordering or buying a new patio door, homeowners need to know its width and height dimensions. For this project, the tools required include a measuring tape, utility knife, putty knife, hammer and pry bar.

  1. Remove the interior casing to access the studs
  2. Run a utility knife around the edge of the casing to loosen caulk or paint. Insert a putty knife into the casing seam and drive it in with a hammer to create a space. Drive the pry bar into this space with a hammer and pull off the casing around the door.

  3. Measure the rough opening
  4. Measure the width by placing the tape measure horizontally across the top and bottom parts of the door opening at the interior section of the studs. Take the height dimensions by measuring vertically on both sides of the rough opening. Order a new patio door by using the smaller width and height measurements recorded.