How Do You Measure the Cubic Feet of a Refrigerator?

Measure the cubic feet of a refrigerator by measuring each dimension of the open fridge and then multiplying these dimensions. This can be done easily with a calculator and measuring tape.

When the fridge is open, measure the depth, width and height of the fridge. Measure the depth by placing one end of the tape measure at the back of the fridge and measuring until you reach the door. The width refers to the distance between the left and right inside walls of the fridge; the height refers to the distance between the upper and lower floors of the fridge, including any drawers or other compartments.

It is important to measure in feet and inches and not centimetres or extra conversion is required. Additionally, you may need to convert feet and inches to just feet (for example, instead of 1 foot 6 inches, simply 1.5 feet). To do so, divide the number of inches in the measurement by 12 and add that after the decimal in the measurement. Another option is to have Google calculate it for you by typing in a search phrase such as "1 foot 6 inches in feet."

The last step is multiplying these three measurements together. The resulting number is the size of the refrigerator in cubic feet.