What Are the Meanings of Different Colors of Roses?


A red rose symbolizes romantic love and passion. Red roses are the ones most often given on Valentine's Day. It also symbolizes the blood of Christians who were martyred for their faith. The red rose is also the emblem of the House of Lancaster.

When depicted as being held in the hand, the red rose is also the symbol of social democracy or socialism. A deeply red rose can convey sorrow and regret.

A purple rose means love at first sight, while a rose that's more a coral color is emblematic of desire. Orange and apricot roses signal the giver's enthusiasm.

A white rose symbolizes purity and humility and is often found in wedding bouquets as a sign of sanctity and new beginnings. It is also the symbol of the House of York, which fought the House of Lancaster during the War of the Roses in the 15th century. The white rose was also the symbol of a nonviolent movement in Germany during the Third Reich.

A pink rose is a gift that conveys gratitude. A pale pink rose is a sign of innocence, sympathy or admiration as well as deep and undying love.

A yellow rose means friendship, enthusiasm and joy and is the only color that does not have romantic connotations.