What Is the Meaning of Different Rose Colors?

meaning-different-rose-colors Credit: slgckgc/CC-BY 2.0

According to Pro Flowers, red roses are usually associated with love and romance, while yellow roses often symbolize good health, friendship or joy. Pink roses can also symbolize love, appreciation and gratitude.

Red roses are most commonly used to symbolize love and romantic affection. That is why they are often given to a spouse or lover on occasions like anniversaries or Valentine's Day. It also symbolizes the blood of Christians who were martyred for their faith. The red rose is also the emblem of the House of Lancaster. When depicted as being held in the hand, the red rose is also the symbol of social democracy or socialism. A deeply red rose can convey sorrow and regret.

Yellow roses are usually given in friendship or to express wishes for happiness and good health. They are considered to be more light-hearted in their symbolism and make an appropriate flower for a variety of occasions and relationships.

Pink roses are also associated with love, and they can symbolize gratitude or thankfulness toward someone, as well. Lighter shades of pink roses are indicative of gentleness and admiration. White roses are often used to symbolize things that are spiritual in nature, which is why they are typically seen at weddings or funerals. They can also represent new beginnings, purity and reverence. It is also the symbol of the House of York, which fought the House of Lancaster during the War of the Roses in the 15th century. The white rose was also the symbol of a nonviolent movement in Germany during the Third Reich.

Orange roses typically symbolize passion, enthusiasm and energy. Since they were initially created by blending red and yellow rose varieties, orange roses are sometimes used to represent a friendship that may be transitioning to romance or love.

A purple rose means love at first sight, while a rose that's more a coral color is emblematic of desire.