How Do You Find the Meaning to an Appliance Error Code?


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Fault codes occur on many appliances, and the meaning of the fault code can often be found on the manufacturer's website. For instance, if a person has a GE range and the fault code F4 appears, he can find the issue by looking at the GE website.

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How Do You Find the Meaning to an Appliance Error Code?
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Fault codes are programmed into appliances so repair people can quickly discover why an appliance has failed. It is usually easy for consumers to find out what a code means by looking it up on the Internet, but it is not always easy for a consumer to perform these repairs. Most appliance manufacturers recommend that a service technician be notified when a code is shown on a device.

Depending on the appliance type and the issue, there are some repairs that an owner can fix without professional assistance. For example, if a person has a Whirlpool Duet with an error code F/02, it could be as simple as a plugged or twisted drain hose. As a consumer, calling a repair technician for assistance with a twisted drain hose may not be necessary. However, if the code remains even after fixing the hose, there may be another issue, such as a faulty pump. This is an issue that should be repaired by a professional.

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