What Are Some Mealybugs Treatment Options?


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Mealybugs can be controlled using neem oil or beneficial insects such as ladybugs or spiders. These methods are typically employed to control, rather than eliminate, mealybug populations.

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To control mealybugs with beneficial insects, purchase ladybugs or lacewings at a local home and garden center. Allow the purchased insects to live in the affected area of the garden, and avoid treating the garden with insecticides to ensure the purchased insects can effectively control the populations of mealybugs.

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri, also known as the mealybug ladybird, is a species of ladybug which eliminates mealybugs and can be purchased at most home and garden centers. Spiders that are naturally present in the garden help control mealybug populations and should be allowed to remain on the property to promote healthy plants.

Neem oil is typically sprayed directly onto plants affected by mealybugs to eliminate mealybug populations. It's available at home and garden centers and health food stores. To avoid burning the plant, neem oil should be used in the evenings or when the plant is not under direct sunlight. Some plants are sensitive to neem oil. Test a single leaf of the plant by applying a small amount of the oil, then wait at least 24 hours to observe the leaf and determine whether the oil may be used. Apply a thin coat of the oil to affected plants, and reapply as needed. Neem oil can be used to treat an entire garden and typically does not harm beneficial insects.

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