What Meals Can You Make in a Large Slow Cooker?


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High-capacity slow cookers are useful for preparing large portions of meat, such as brisket, pot roast, meatloaf or pork shoulder. They also provide the space to cook crowd-sized batches of cake, short ribs, pasta, stew, bone-in chicken and Asian stir fry-inspired dishes.

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Large slow cookers make it easy to prepare bulky meat cuts that need to be extremely tender and juicy when served. For example, individuals can braise and marinate large portions of beef to serve with side dishes, or shred large quantities of prepared meat to make beef sandwiches. High-capacity units can also accommodate multiple parts of a large meal. Home cooks can line the bottom of their unit with potatoes, onions and other veggies while cooking a pot roast or meatloaf at the top.

White bean soup, venison stew and Cajun stew can be cooked in a large unit. Users can add nearly unlimited combinations of beans, meat, seafood, vegetables, herbs and dried noodles and allow the ingredients to soak up the flavors of the broth over several hours. Pastas and casseroles offer similar convenience, so families can easily cook household or dinner party staples, including macaroni and cheese and lasagna.

Large slow cookers are also useful in preparing party-sized batches of dip, such as hummus, or baking desserts, such as brownies, custard and cheesecake. They can even be used for fondues and puddings.

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