How Does the McLean Air Conditioner Work?


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McLean air conditioners function primarily through the use of high quality seals that enclose the electrical components inside from potentially damaging exterior elements. Such elements include dirt, dust particles, high pressure hose water and other contaminants.

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Because of their highly developed seals, McLean air conditioners are employed in a wide variety of industrial uses, being installed both inside and outside work facilities. Some industries using McLean products include petrochemical, food and beverage and waste water treatment. McLean air conditioner seals also make these products especially useful in any work environment exposed to consistently excessive warm temperatures. These air conditioners are all further equipped with corrosion-resistant materials, to ensure the performance and longevity of the unit.

In order to accommodate limited interior space, McLean offers a number of differently sized models aimed at fitting into compact or narrower enclosures. Furthermore, different wall and ceiling mounting options exist in order to free up floor space. McLean engineering is also concerned with overall efficiency, noise reduction and ecological awareness. For instance, the SpectraCool line is equipped with a rotary compressor, environmentally sound refrigerant and a number of specialty features that make the machine run quietly. McLean also offers units requiring cooled water intake for indoor, outdoor and rack-mounted applications.

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