What Are Some Maytag Washer Problems?


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While Maytag washing machine problems are similar to other manufacturer's machines, one common problem with the Maytag Atlantis series is the development of mold and mildew. Consumers complain of an awful stench, according to ConsumerAffairs. The problem is with the door boot, which retains water. While a class action suit brought some consumer relief, the problem is common with front loading machines.

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Because the machine must have water, leaks are common. They occur in places such as the fill valve, pump and tub bearings. The manufacturer's switch from rubber drain hoses to plastic ones introduces a new common leak. These plastic hoses are much thinner and subject to wear against the machine or wall, leading to leaks, according to ApplianceAid.com.

If the machine does not start, the lid switch is often the problem. The housing for the switch is weak and breaks, leaving it hanging so that closing the door does not make contact. This problem allows the machine to fill with water but will not start.

If a Maytag washer does not spin, the problem could be as simple as an article of clothing caught between the agitator and the spin basket. While most machine interlocks do not allow the spin cycle to start with the lid open, owners should turn off the machine and unplug it before removing the article, minimizing the chance for injury.

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