How Is a Maytag Washer Belt Repaired When It Is Loose?

A loose Maytag washer belt is repaired by opening the front panel located beneath the washer, pushing the drive motor down toward the base of the machine, and tightening the pump mount adjustment screws, states Appliance Repair. If the belt is significantly worn, it should be replaced.

A Maytag washer's drive motor is equipped with two drive belts: the transmission belt and the pump belt. The tension level in the pump belt needs to be properly maintained in order to ensure the smooth running of the washer's drive motor. Pump belt tension is tested by pinching together the bands of the belt in the center and noting the amount of give between them. If the bands of the pump belt can be pinched together easily with little resistance, it is too slack. However, if there is more than 1/4 inch of space between the two bands and the pump belt cannot be pressed together any further, it is too tight and needs to be loosened.

The tension in the pump belt is maintained by springs, which can wear down and break, leading to a progressive loosening of the belt. To replace the broken springs, remove the pump belt and reattach it along with new springs, making sure to test the tension level in the belt. If either of the drive belts is damaged, they both need to be replaced.