How Does the Maytag Top-Loader Washer Compare With a Front Loader?


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Maytag top-loading high-efficiency (HE) washing machines are not as good as the company's front loading machines. While Consumer Reports lists the company's front loaders in the loaders as among the best choices, it ranks the company's top loaders behind machines by Samsung and LG.

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Front-loading washers use a horizontal tub to clean the clothes. Instead of a central agitator, it has fins on the side of the drum to scrub the clothes and ensure all come into contact with water and detergent. This system reduces the water usage and employs a faster spin cycle to remove more water for faster drying. However, front-loading machines require more bending to load and unload the machine.

HE top-loaders reduce the size of the central agitator, increasing load size. They also use less water and the design pulls the clothes through the water at the bottom of the tub for cleaning.

Traditional top-loading washers have a central agitator that decreases the size of the load, but the wash cycle is less than half that of the typical HE washer. The traditional machine is less expensive to buy, but uses more water and increases energy consumption for drying clothes. Traditional top-loaders are less effective at cleaning than either type of HE machine.

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