How Do You Get a Maytag Oven Troubleshooting Manual?

How Do You Get a Maytag Oven Troubleshooting Manual?

Consumers can find troubleshooting manuals for Maytag ovens and ranges on the official Maytag website or from Manuals Online, as of March 2015. For further assistance, owners can contact the Maytag customer service department by phone. Customers need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view manuals from the Maytag website.

To find the correct manual, customers can input the appliance model number. The model number for wall ovens is located on the lower left side of the frame just inside the open door. Ranges have a model number underneath the main chamber on the bottom and inside the burner box. Customers click Search after inputting the serial number.

Maytag's My Appliances feature lets customers create an online account to register and keep track of products registered through the company. Consumers simply log in to the account and view the oven they bought to see any associated literature, use guides, warranties and manuals.

The troubleshooting portion of Maytag manuals normally sits at the end of the user instructions. For example, the electric built-in oven instructions are eight pages long, and the troubleshooting portion is on page seven. Larger ranges have manuals more than 20 pages long, and some have service information and care instructions toward the back of the manual.

Manuals Online lists user guides in alphabetical order by model number. More than 40 manuals have been downloaded to this website for users to see, as of March 2015.