What Do You Do When Your Maytag Oven Is Locked?


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If the Maytag oven is locked, reset the latch to open the door. Alternatively, turn the power off and then back on. If power failure occurs during self-cleaning, complete the process to open the door. If there is an error message, call the service provider, according to Maytag.

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If the Maytag oven door gets locked when the power is on, press the Cancel or Off button to reset the latch. Wait for 20 to 30 seconds, and then open the door. Alternatively, turn the power off to the unit at the circuit breaker, wait for one minute, and then restore power before opening the oven door.

If a power failure interrupts a self-cleaning cycle, use the self-clean option, and then press Cancel. After a few seconds, start the self-cleaning cycle again. Allow the self-cleaning process to complete. Open the door after the oven cools down to room temperature. If the oven door still does not open, use a U-hook made from a clothes hanger to disengage the latch manually. Push the U-hook up between the door and cabinet on the left side of the oven until you feel the door latch, and gently push the door to disengage the latch, says eHow.

If the error message F3 E0, "open temperature sensor," flashes on the Maytag unit, this indicates a malfunctioning of the temperature sensor. This problem requires authorized service personnel.

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