What Makes a Maytag Neptune TL High Efficiency?


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A Maytag Neptune TL is designated as a High Efficiency washer because it uses less water, energy and detergent than a traditional washer. The High Efficiency label is an industry standard established by the Energy Star program, overseen by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

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High Efficiency machines use a tumbling method to wash clothes. The tumbling method uses a smaller reservoir of water and less energy than a traditional machine, which would fill a larger part of the tank, using an agitator to move clothes. Because there is less motion inside the machine, High Efficiency machines use highly concentrated detergents, designated with the HE logo, rather than traditional detergent.

In 1997, the Department of Energy first established minimum energy guidelines that washing machines must meet under the Energy Star program has been raising standards every year. High Efficiency machines meet and exceed the Energy Star minimum standards.

Consumers can save money on their energy and their water bills by switching to High Efficiency machines. It should be noted that High Efficiency machines do require more maintenance and can be prone to mold or unpleasant smells if not carefully aired out and cleaned on a regular basis.

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