How Do You Find Maytag Furnace Prices?


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Maytag furnace prices can be found on websites such as WebHVAC and GasFurnacePricesDirect. In addition, free price quotes can be requested from MaytagHVAC. The MaytagHVAC website offers a dealer locator based on postal code, and all dealers are Maytag licensed.

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WebHVAC contains reviews and prices for various Maytag M1200-series gas furnaces. The website lists Maytag gas furnace prices ranging from $1,559 to $2,969 as of February 2015. Lower-priced furnaces are generally less efficient and operate at a fixed speed. Higher-priced Maytag furnaces are between 3 and 5 percent more efficient and usually offer a variable speed option. GasFurnacePricesDirect also specializes in reviews on the Maytag model M1200 series of gas furnaces with similar price ranges between $1,600 for a lower-end, less efficient heater to $3,000 for higher efficiency, as of February 2015.

Other characteristics of the more expensive Maytag M1200 gas heaters are the modulating gas valve, iQ drive control system and 12-year parts warranty. The modulating gas valves allow the heater to change between 50 and 100 percent operating capacity. The furnace runs on a longer cycle and uses its iQ drive control system to monitor the temperature outside of the heater and coordinate the heater's blower, burner and air conditioning system to maintain whatever temperature the owner designates.

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