How Do Maytag Dryers Compared With Competitors?


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A Top Ten Review comparison of clothes dryers rated two Maytag models as twelfth and seventeenth out of a group of 17. The Maytags were given high marks for help and support, but relatively low marks on features, cycles and design and energy efficiency.

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The Maytag Bravo XL, for example, was last in the group of 17. It lacked several key cycle and design features, like permanent press and air fluff cycles, as well as a childproof lock. It also didn't have a see-through door or pedestal and was not able to be stacked. For this criteria, it earned a rating of 6 out of 10, comparable with the sixteenth-place Amana model.

Both the Maytag Bravo XL and Maxima XL, which earned the twelfth spot of 17, earned particularly low marks for energy efficiency; each was rated at 7.5 out of 10, lower than all other dryers in the comparison. These two models are not Energy Star or NSF certified, and do not feature "Eco-Monitors" that track energy use per dryer cycle.

The Bravo and Maxima XL did compare to other manufacturer models in features, with scores of 7.5 and 6.88 respectively. Both models lack three features included on others: the ability to create custom drying programs, smartphone compatibility and an integrated drying rack that fits inside the drum, used to dry non-tumble items like shoes and delicates. The Bravo XL also lacked a lint filter light, used to signal when it is necessary to clean.

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