Why Is the Maytag Dryer Not Drying Well?


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Issues with a Maytag dryer not drying well are typically caused by either poor airflow or problems with the heating element. The motor used to power fans and the drum can also fail to work properly.

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Dryers require sufficient airflow to operate. Air is used to transfer heat from the heating element to the clothing, and obstructed airflow can cause long dryer cycles. Most dryers provide easy access to the lint trap; removing lint may lead to better performance. The dryer vent hose, which is typically at the back of the unit, can become clogged with lint as well. Kinks in the dryer vent hose also lead to poor performance.

On gas dryers, a broken gas line connection or failure of the electrical ignition switch can cause a lack of heating. Electrical dryers cease functioning if the resistance heating stops working. If the unit fails to generate heat at all, it may not be warming the heating unit.

Dryers need air to flow through the heating element and into the drum to work; a system without air flow can only warm clothes through radiant heat, which is insufficient in a typical dryer. A fan failure can also cause the heating element to warm up more than intended, possibly causing damage to the unit if the dryer lacks safeguards.

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