How Do You Maximize Space When Remodeling a Small Kitchen?


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To maximize space when remodeling a small kitchen, it is best to chose appropriate appliances, colors, materials and lighting. A small kitchen can feel open if designed correctly.

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How Do You Maximize Space When Remodeling a Small Kitchen?
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A small kitchen should not be remodeled with large appliances. A double-oven and six-burner stove may be desirable, but it's more sensible to maximize space with a smaller oven and a two-burner stove. Other kitchen items like the sink, microwave, or refrigerator should also be on the smaller size, while still maintaining functionality.

Certain colors and materials can help a small kitchen seem much bigger. Light colors reflect light and make the room feel taller. Materials like glass cabinet doors, or shelving instead of cabinets, help expand the visual field of the kitchen. Similar to any kitchen, it's important for all of the materials to blend well together. Items like cabinets, flooring and counter tops will have the biggest visual impact, and should be chosen with unity in mind.

Lighting is necessary in the kitchen, but placement of lights can really change the way a kitchen feels. Placing lighting inside glass cabinets, or under cabinets, will be helpful in a small kitchen. The type of main light, either florescent or incandescent, can also have an impact. Incandescent is preferred since it has a yellow color which makes food look better than the blue tint from florescent lighting. Placement of any lights should minimize shadows, although some contrast between light and dark is good.

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