What Is a Mattress Coil Count?


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A coil count tells the number of coils that appear in a full-size mattress. The basic standard counts are 252 and 312, although some varieties go higher than 800. Just as important as the coil count, though, is the gauge of the wire on the coil, indicating firmness.

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The wire gauge on a coil ranges from 12 to 18 or higher, and the higher the number, the thinner the wire. This means that in two mattresses with the same number of coils, the one with the lower gauge is firmer. More coils add firmness too, so it's possible for 12-gauge and 16-gauge mattresses to have the same firmness, but the 16-gauge mattress needs more coils to compensate.

There are also different types of mattress coils. The offset variety has a flat section crimped on the ends for independent motion, while pocketed coils are straight. Bonnell coils feature double cones and round ends. Continuous coils are straight, and the inner spring is formed from one long piece of wire without any clipping.

Many mattresses add a wire around the border to support the edges and keep the upholstery straight. When padding and pillow-tops come into play, the work of the coils becomes less significant, which makes it less important to look at coil count when the mattress has that extra cushioning.

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