What Materials Were Used to Build the CN Tower?

A majority of the CN Tower was constructed using concrete and steel. The foundation of the tower measures 22 feet in depth, and made out of 9,200 cubic yards of concrete. The observation deck of the tower is made from tensioned steel bars, a compression ring and concrete.

The amount of concrete used in the CN Tower is approximately 53,000 cubic yards. The concrete used in the tower's construction makes up a large share of the tower's weight, which is 130,000 ton. Other materials used in the tower were steel and wood brackets that were lifted up using hydraulic jacks during construction.

The construction of the tower involved 1,537 construction workers and took approximately 40 months. During its construction period, the contractors involved in the project operated on 24 hour shifts for five days a week. When it was constructed in the 1970s, the CN Tower project cost approximately $63 million.

The CN Tower measures over 1,815 feet in height and has both an outdoor and indoor observation deck. The outdoor observation deck of the building is found at the 1,122 feet height while the indoor observation deck is at 1,136 feet alongside a cafe. At the very top of the CN tower is the Sky Pod, which, as of January 2015, is the world's tallest observation deck.