What Are Some Materials Used to Make House Siding?

What Are Some Materials Used to Make House Siding?

Some common home siding materials include stucco, stone veneer, fiber cement and wood. People also may choose to install brick or vinyl siding to their home. Homeowners should realize that some siding materials are better than others depending on the style of the home.

Stucco siding involves adding three layers to the home, and though the materials are not expensive, a homeowner may find that the labor required to install stucco siding makes it more expensive to install than other materials. Stucco siding lasts from 50 to 80 years.

Stone veneer siding comes from a mixture of aggregate, pigments and cement. Though this siding looks remarkably like natural stone, it is not as durable. Fiber cement siding is another option, and it is a mixture of cement, wood fiber and sand. This is a low-maintenance siding that is as durable as cement and has a class 1A rating for fire. It is also resistant to the sun, salt and wood-boring insects.

Wood siding may be made of pine, fir, spruce, cedar or redwood. Wood siding lasts for decades, but it requires maintenance. This maintenance includes power washing, staining and sealing.

Brick siding is a popular choice as it is durable and can last for the lifetime of the building. Vinyl siding is less expensive than other materials, but it is not as durable as other siding types.