What Are Some Materials Used in Balcony Construction?


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Most balcony construction requires pressure-treated lumber, a drill, lag bolts, a joist hanger, wood screws and wood adhesive. Some other necessary materials include a skill saw, a carpenter square, a level and measuring tape. Most of these materials are available at hardware stores.

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To install the balcony, cut the ledger and floor joists to the necessary measurements for the size of the balcony. Attach these pieces to the correct location using nails and lag bolts for the ledger. Use the joist hanger to ensure that the floor joist is secure. Install the plywood sub floor by gluing and screwing the wood into the correct location. Attach the corner support posts to the sub floor in the correct position and attach the hand rails to these posts.

Besides using a ledger attached to the building to support the corner posts, another option is to use posts supported by footings for the two corners next to the house. For the corners that are away from the house, the options are to hang the corners using diagonal steel rods or cables, to use wooden diagonal brackets under the posts, or to use independent posts to support the corners.

Once these steps are complete, attach the desired flooring material and finish off the deck by staining, painting and sealing the wood.

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