What Materials and Tools Are Needed to Stucco Your Home's Exterior?

The tools and materials needed to apply stucco to a home's exterior depends on the material currently on the outside of the home. For example, applying stucco to wood requires 15-pound roofing felt, 17-gauge metal netting and roofing nails, among other supplies.

Applying stucco to concrete, brick or block requires the use of a concrete bonding agent. The bonding agent is applied to the wall and allowed to dry completely. The stucco is then applied to the wall using 1/4 to 1/2 inch of mortar. The entire process takes about 4 days to complete.

Applying stucco to wood requires a few more steps and other materials and tools. Once the roofing felt is applied, metal netting is attached using galvanized roofing nails. Mortar is required for this method of stucco installation just like applying it to concrete. The mortar is then scratched, forcing it into the netting. Once the mortar is set, a finishing coat is applied and only then can the stucco be added to the wall. Both the mortar and finishing coat must be misted to keep them damp as they set.

Although the process of applying stucco can be a do-it-yourself project, many people prefer to hire a professional to complete the installation.