What Materials Are Suitable for a Breakfast Bar Counter Top?

Materials suitable for a breakfast bar counter top include granite, stainless steel, wood, glass and even concrete. Granite is a tough and durable stone that comes in many colors, though pure white is hard to find. Beige or brown granite is the best type for most kitchen styles, while black granite may have trouble complementing a kitchen's decor.

Concrete is an increasingly popular choice for indoor use. Modern techniques allow concrete to be as sophisticated and attractive as stone or other traditional kitchen materials. Concrete breakfast bar counters can be polished to a high shine and can be stained or dyed a great variety of colors.

Stainless steel bar counters usually echo other elements in the kitchen, such as the sink, the stove or the regular kitchen counters. Installing a stainless steel bar counter is a difficult job, though, and best performed by a professional.

Wooden breakfast bar counters are sometimes paired with concrete or stone countertops for visual contrast; alternatively, a wooden bar counter can echo the wooden floors of a nearby dining area.

One unorthodox breakfast bar look involves raising a stone breakfast bar above the countertop, anchoring it with angled metal supports for a dramatic visual effect.