What Materials Are Needed to Soundproof a Room?

What Materials Are Needed to Soundproof a Room?

Materials for soundproofing a room may include sound-deadening fiberboard, insulation, sound curtains and sound-dampening sealants. Soundproof windows, foam panels and drywall are also available options.

To soundproof a floor, laying down a thick rug or carpet may be adequate. For more thorough soundproofing, consider placing foam or padding under the carpet or floating a floor in new construction. To float a floor, place wooden beams on rubber U-boat supports, fill the space in between with neoprene strips, and then screw a chipboard floor over the top.

Soundproof windows consisting of several panes of glass, and installed over the original window blocks sound from escaping. Another method of soundproofing windows is covering the area with an acoustic blanket, soundproof curtain or a heavy drape.

To create soundproof walls as part of new construction or in renovations, pick a sound-dampening insulation, such as Roxul Safe’N’Sound Insulation, place it in the walls, and then overlay with drywall, damped drywall or sound-deadening fiberboard. For rooms already constructed, considering installing acoustic foam panels over the walls.

Mass-loaded vinyl, Green Glue compounds and sealants, Quiet Glue sealant or other sealants and dampening compounds help fill and soundproof gaps and other oddly shaped areas such as pipes and ducts.