What Materials Are Needed to Reglaze a Tub?


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Reglazing a tub requires metal tools for removing the caulk and grout and high-strength bathtub cleaner and sandpaper for scraping away acid stains and other blemishes. Hydrofluoric acid can clear away more blemishes. Repair requires a spray gun and compressor capable of handling the glaze.

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Before reglazing a tub, ensure the bathroom receives sufficient ventilation. If the bathroom doesn't have a window that can be opened, put a floor fan to blow air into the hallway or, more preferably, out of the home.

Reglazing a tub requires restoring it as closely to its original, unglazed finish as possible. After scraping away all the grout and caulk, repair work requires cleaning the interior using oil-based products and sanding away the top layer of the tub to clear it.

After all visible spots are removed, the tub can be further cleaned by filling it with hydrofluoric acid for 10 or 15 minutes. The bathroom should be prepared by covering nearby surfaces with tape or plastic. After the tub is fully dried, a process that goes faster with the aid of a blower or even a floor fan, the tub is ready for an epoxy primer, which needs to be left to dry. Next, the tub is ready to be glazed, a process that generally requires a sprayer and compressor.

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