What Materials Are Needed to Clean Ducts?


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The materials needed to clean ducts include water and bleach cleaning solution, plastic zip ties, rug, small paintbrush, mastic and screwdriver. Each duct takes about 20 minutes to clean.

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Homeowners should begin cleaning ducts by mixing three parts water and one part bleach in a bucket. They should then pry both the inner and outer duct liner from the duct connectors. This should be done both at the wall or ceiling and at the unit. They should wipe the inner liner with a rug damp with the cleaning solution, reaching as far as possible.

Once cleaned, the homeowners should apply a thin layer of mastic on the duct connector using the paintbrush, and slip the inner liner in place. They should then secure the liner with a plastic zip tie. They should replace the insulation and outer liner on to the duct connector, and use a zip tie to secure them in place. This cleaning process should be repeated for each individual duct.

For a more thorough cleaning, homeowners should insert a vacuum hose into each duct and vacuum out as much dust and dirt as possible. Homeowners are advised to get professional duct cleaning at least once a year as part of their HVAC maintenance because this duct cleaning method is only effective for removing visible dust, dirt and debris.

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