What Materials Are Needed for Backyard Sheds?

What Materials Are Needed for Backyard Sheds?

The exact materials needed to build an outdoor shed vary by design, but typically include wooden boards and beams, nails, screws and hinges. Typically, the construction requires roofing materials and trim as well.

Building a simple backyard storage shed requires several lengths and widths of wooden beams. For instance, the floor platform of a FamilyHandyman.com shed requires two 6-inch by 6-inch boards, two 2-inch by 6-inch boards and seven 2-inch by 6-inch boards at 8 feet.

Shed construction also requires different types of boards and beams. For example, the same shed requires treated plywood, treated lumber and SPF lumber. For the top plates, the plans specify the wood needs to be spruce, fir or pine.

Floors and roofs require different materials. The floor may consist of gravel or cement. The roof may consist of plywood or asphalt shingles. Other roofing materials include roofing paper and nails. Some plans call for siding to complete the outside of the shed.

The shed needs a door, and typically plans call for a basic model. Additional materials include hinges and a latch. Many sheds also feature windows. In addition to the prefabricated window, the required materials include caulk and trim.

Plans for building a shed typically call for galvanized nails in different sizes, sinkers and siding nails. Deck screws, Z-flashing and hinges are other common materials.