What Materials Are Needed to Add a Loft to a Garage?


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To create a garage loft requires a 2 by 6 ledger board, wooden boards, 4 by 4 wooden posts, post anchors, 3/8 inch lag bolts, two 2/8 lumber beams, joists, joist nails and hangers, lumber screws, and several 3/4 inch plywood boards. Tools needed include a screwdriver and a drill.

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To build a garage loft, 4 by 4 wooden posts, preferably with a metal base are required to provide support. These posts should be large enough to reach from floor to ceiling. The post anchors, attached with bits, secure the posts in place. The two 2/8 lumber beams are through-bolted together to create a beam that extends from the front corner of the garage loft on one side to the other. This beam supports the floor joists.

The 2 by 6 ledger board is attached to the garage walls using lag bolts of 3/8 or 1/2 inch diameter. The bolts must be screwed in at least 2 inches into the studs to ensure a secure attachment. Standard joist hangers and nails are needed to secure the loft joists. The loft floor is created using 3/4 inch thick plywood board, which is secured using lumber screws. Wooden boards are attached along the sides of the loft.

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