What Materials Do You Need to Properly Wire a Hot Tub?


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Properly wiring a hot tub requires a weatherproof disconnect GFCI box or spa panel, a flex conduit, a rigid polyvinyl chloride or PVC electrical conduit, appropriate fittings, number six thermoplastic high heat-resistant nylon-coated copper wire in various colors, PVC cement and electrical tape. To effectively use any of this material, a variety of tools is needed such as fish tape, wire cutters, wire strippers, pliers, a drill, a hole saw attachment, PVC cutters, a tape measure and a screwdriver.

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The spa panel must be mounted to the wall and connected to an electrical breaker panel with the conduit. The conduit then runs from the spa panel to the actual hot tub to supply power to the device. When running the conduit from breaker to spa panel and the hot tub, use the fittings to secure the conduits. Some conduit runs may require special fittings like sweep fittings to provide a gently sweeping movement to avoid wire pulling. After the conduit has been set, use PVC cement to cover and protect the conduit.

Once all existing wires have been stripped safely, the red and black copper wires can feed the spa panel electricity. White copper wire attaches to the line neutral bar. Green copper wire typically grounds the electrical line.

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