What Materials Do You Need to Make Pedestal Stands?


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Required materials for making a pedestal stand include natural or engineered wood and wood glue, as well as a table saw and clamps. If a table saw is not available, a circular saw with a workbench or sawhorses provides a decent substitute.

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A pedestal stand is one of the simplest woodworking projects. A simple way to build a pedestal stand is to use a circular or table saw to cut four boards of equal size. Adjusting the saw blade for cutting at a 45-degree angle increases the cut surface's area over a straight right-angle cut. Once all four boards are cut, the woodworker applies glue to each of the eight cut surfaces and clamps the four sides together. Once the glue dries, the woodworker adds a smaller square of wood to the top of the box, creating a simple pedestal stand.

This is an easy project, as it only requires a handful of tools and does not require any nails, screws or wood filler. The project works equally well with high-quality wood or inferior solid woods such as number-two pine, as well as engineered wood products such as plywood, oriented strand board and medium-density fiberboard. As the project requires only minimal knowledge of power tools and joinery, it is appropriate for novice woodworkers.

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