What Materials Do You Need to Build a Carport?

Necessary materials to build a carport include lumber, nails, metal plates, screws and shingles, and tools for the project include a hammer, power drill and shovel. Exact tools and materials vary depending on the plan, as multiple types of carports are available. Carport kits have all the materials necessary to build a carport.

A carport needs heavy-duty wood posts at the appropriate height to hold up the roof, cross beams and plywood to create the roof. The posts on one end must be higher than the posts at the other, so the roof has enough slope when it rains or snows. While a slope of 1 inch of rise for every 12 inches of run is enough, 3 inches for every 12 inches is better if the area has heavy snowfall.

Nails, metal plates and screws connect the posts to the cross beams and attach the roof to those cross beams. The shovel is necessary for digging holes in the ground to secure the posts.

The ground of the carport should be as level as possible. While bare ground works for a carport, it's better to lay gravel or pour concrete to create a more stable surface. Concrete is the most durable option but also costs the most to install.

Some areas require a permit to build a carport. Homeowners should check with the building department in their city or county before building one.