What Materials Make Good Indoor Plant Stands?


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The best materials for plant stands are strong, durable and heavy. Metals, like cast iron, and woods like oak or maple are the best choices to fit these criteria.

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Plant stands hold houseplants and other decorative plants up off the ground. The added height makes it easier for plants to get sunlight, and for people to admire and care for the plants. These stands are available in a wide range of materials from metal to plastic. Some materials are better suited to the purpose than others. Metal plant stands, especially cast iron, are perfect for supporting multiple or heavy potted plants. Metal is strong and durable, without having to be built with thicker supports. A cast iron plant stand may appear very light and thin, while still being quite heavy. Metal also resists the elements better than other materials, so works well as an outdoor plant stand.

Wood is another great material for plant stands. Maple and oak are popular for their similar qualities to metals. Both are strong hardwoods, and resist wear and tear. Oak is better suited for indoor use while maple works well in outdoor or indoor settings. Oak, in particular, takes an attractive finish in a range of shades or styles. Maple looks better in natural finishes. Plastic plant stands are a very affordable option, but do not provide the same amount of supportive strength and durability.

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