What Materials Are Heat Register Vents Made Of?

What Materials Are Heat Register Vents Made Of?

Heat register vents are made out of wood, metal, plastic and even thermal resin that was developed for NASA to use in space. In vintage homes, cast iron register vents were common, and vents made out of this material can sometimes be purchased in specialty stores for home restorations.

Heat register vents cover the openings in the duct work that carry air from the HVAC system into the various rooms of a home. Homeowners tend to pick styles and colors that match their home decor. One example is the wooden register, which is popular in homes with hardwood floors. Oak , which is often covered with a lacquer finish, is one option.

Metal registers range from a simple polished-nickel design to cast brass with scroll work or a geometric design. Other metals used include bronze, copper and stainless steel. Some metals have baked-on paint finishes.

Plastic registers are usually the least expensive, but they have various color choices. Many are white, black or bone in color, but others are colored to look like hardwoods, such as mahogany or oak.

The resin option is fairly new, but it is catching on. The material is resistant to heat and cold and can be painted or stained. Custom patterns and sizes are available.