What Materials Are Fire Ovens Made From?


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Wood fire ovens can be made of masonry (stone, brick and tile), cast iron, clay and other ceramics, adobe or cob. Each of these materials has been used for making ovens for hundreds of years. Cast iron is a relative latecomer, being first used for ovens in the 1700s.

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Masonry ovens are commonly associated with pizza, but have historically been used for baking of all kinds of goods. Masonry ovens can also use fuel types other than wood, including coal, natural gas and electricity. As of February 2015, the Masonry Stone Builders "Brick Oven Page" features an extensive array of masonry oven pictures, descriptions, building instructions and cookbooks.

Cast iron ovens were first produced around 1728, followed by the first commercial cast iron oven in 1800 and more compact designs by 1834. Clay ovens have been built and used for thousands of years; they go by the name of "tandoor" in Indian cooking traditions. Adobe ovens were used by Native Americans in the United States. Like masonry ovens, they are still in use today. Traditional names for adobe ovens include "horno" and "kemence." Cob ovens, just like those made from adobe, clay, and masonry, can be built by hand at relatively low expense. There are building instructions for an outdoor pizza oven made of cob at theyearofmud.com.

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