What Materials Compose Americast Bathtubs?


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Americast bathtubs are composed of an injection-molded structural composite that is layered with a high-quality alloy and finished with a smooth porcelain-enamel finish. The Americast process is also used to create kitchen sinks.

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The Americast process creates a bathtub that is similar to cast iron in terms of durability and thickness, but the tub weighs 50 percent less than cast iron alternatives. This difference makes Americast tubs easier and usually cheaper to install than cast iron options, without sacrificing the design.

Americast tubs are also available in a large variety of enamel colors to complement a large selection of design choices. The system creates a durable and lightweight product that offers sound absorption and heat retention capabilities. The enamel finish is also durable, as the composite material helps to protect it from surface chipping and crazing, which are commonly caused by reverse impact damage.

American Standard, the manufacturer of Americast products, offers consumers various models to meet most needs. The Princeton series offers many different features, including a beveled headrest, integral lumbar support, a slip-resistant surface and an extra-wide ledge for additional storage. As a more luxurious option, some of the Cambridge models offer a whirlpool tub that features six adjustable jets, as well as a protective surface to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold. For more information on Americast products, contact American Standard or a local retailer.

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