What Materials Go Into Building a Driveway?


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Asphalt, cobblestone, gravel and tar are all materials commonly used in the construction of driveways. Materials may differ depending on the type of driveway constructed and may range from sand and dirt to reinforced steel. Driveways usually have smooth or aggregate surfaces. Smooth-surface driveways feature construction from concrete or asphalt and feature more uniform surfaces than aggregate materials such as gravel and crushed stone.

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Asphalt is a popular construction material that is less expensive than concrete. Unlike concrete, it is possible to relayer asphalt, and the material itself may be less prone to suffering damage from frost, snow and cold temperatures. Concrete is a popular material for warmer climates although it may stain easily and typically requires more maintenance than asphalt. Cement driveways utilize a mixture of materials that includes sand, aggregate and cement.

Pouring hot tar over a gravel base and then adding stone chips creates a tar-and-chip driveway. These materials are popular due to their durability and low cost. Cobblestone driveways feature a unique aesthetic and are typically durable and easy to repair. Maintaining a driveway can involve snow removal, sealing and relayering as well as replacing damaged or destroyed materials and sections. Maintenance efforts vary depending on the type of construction materials used.

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