What Material Do They Make Glacier Bay Bathroom Vanities Out Of?


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The materials used in the construction of each model of Glacier Bay bathroom vanity varies between units, with some using particle board or wood composite for the base, as well as some solid wood in certain lines. The basin for the vanities range in materials, with many using a cast polymer or similar engineered component.

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Many of the different models of Glacier Bay bathroom vanities use particle board in the construction of both the cabinet- and mirror-housing sections. Particle board is a type of man-made material that uses wood chips, saw dust and other small discarded wood products, and a type of synthetic bonding agent, known as a resin, to form a solid structure. The wood components are combined with the synthetic resin and compressed into boards or planks, then have a simulation wood grain panel applied to the exterior. The material is lightweight and inexpensive, but not particularly sturdy.

In terms of the basin materials, many of the models use a cast polymer, which is a blanket term used to describe artificially made surfaces out of marble, granite or onyx materials in a process similar to particle board. The shavings or discarded pieces of the rock undergo a special chemical-bonding processes that allows the manufacturer to create a solid, continuous piece rather than cutting it out of the raw materials.

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