What Is a MasterFlow Roof Vent?

What Is a MasterFlow Roof Vent?

A Master Flow roof vent is a brand of roof vent manufactured by GAF. Several types of roof vents are available, including non-powered roof louvers and powered ventilators.

Roof louvers are available in metal or high-impact resin. Many models have screens to keep out leaves and debris, as well as insects and small animals. Consumers can choose from a variety of colors to match their roofs.

Master Flow ventilators can be powered by electricity or solar power. Solar-powered models are able to sustain an air flow of up to 750 cubic feet per minute. Depending on the size of the attic, two or more units may be required, and dual-powered units are available for continuous operation during cloudy weather.

Electrically powered ventilators are more powerful than solar models. The lower end units have an air flow capacity of 1,000 cubic feet per minute, while the top end models can move air at 1,600 cubic feet per minute. All models include heavy-duty screens and an adjustable thermostat. To help control humidity, a humidistat is available for selected models. In addition to roof mounts, ventilators are available for gable vents as well.

Other vent options in the Master Flow line include aluminum ridge vents, soffit vents and rotary turbine vents.