What Help Does Master Lock Provide If You Lose Your Combination?

master-lock-provide-lose-combination Credit: rebius/iStock/Getty Images

If a standard dial combination lock has a serial number, Master Lock can obtain the combination by looking at it in-store at a distributor or retailer. Alternatively, a lost combination form can be submitted to them by mail and a combination is then sent to the customer in approximately 4-6 weeks. Master Lock is not able to provide combinations for locks without a serial number.

Master Lock will only take a look at a standard combination lock if it is not attached to anything, such as a bicycle or cabinet. Once at a distributor or retail store, ask that Master Lock be contacted so that they can verify the ownership of the lock and release the combination. While Master Lock does not charge for this, a distributor or retailer might.

Master Lock no longer provides combinations via phone, fax or email requests. Instead, a lost combination form must be submitted through the mail to their warehouse in Arizona. The form can be downloaded from Master Lock's official website. The form must be authorized by a Notary Public in order to prove the rightful ownership of the lock. Up to six lock combination requests can be included on a notarized form.